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We are a Brussels based membership organization for companies driving innovation, integrity and empowerment through blockchain. We work with policymakers, academics and our member companies to develop a European regulatory framework to support and promote blockchain-based innovation The Blockchain for Europe Summit will take place on 8-9 June 2021 virtually and as you can see from the 2021 programme, this year's Summit will be as full and varied as our previous events. As usual, you can expect to join informative panel discussions, hear from EU decision-makers and get insights from expert speakers at the cutting edge of Blockchain technology

Blockchain for Europe Summit 2021 The Blockchain for Europe Summit will take place on 8-9 June 2021 virtually and as you can see from the 2021 programme, this year's Summit will be as full and varied as our previous events The Blockchain for Europe Summit took place on 5 February 2020 in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. Register to Blockchain for Europe Summit 2020 Programm The Blockchain for Europe Summit will take place on 8-9 June 2021 virtually and as you can see from the 2021 programme, this year's Summit will be as full and varied as our previous events Blockchain for Europe L et's say simply, this technology allows to digitally store information with two novel twists: The storage is decentralised with many copies of the chain preventing data loss. And it is tamper-proof because each portion of information, each block, is linked to the rest of the chain using encryption technology This gold standard for blockchain includes: Environmental sustainability: Blockchain technology should be sustainable and energy-efficient. Data protection: Blockchain technology should be compatible with and where possible support Europe's strong data... e-Identity: Blockchain technology should.

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Our core mission is to develop a strategic approach on blockchain skills development for Europe as well as to deliver future-proof training solutions, in order to tackle blockchain skill shortages and to respond to the current and future skill needs of the European Blockchain workforce. About the Project Blockchain is at the core of the EU strategy to advance digital transformation, benefitting society, businesses, and stimulating sustainable growth. The European Blockchain Sector is well placed to acquire global leadership; still its competitiveness largely relies on the availability of a competent and versatile workforce B-hub for Europe is a Startup Europe supported project dedicated to connecting blockchain innovation ecosystems

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Western Europe is the second largest region worldwide in terms of blockchain related spending, indicating good opportunities for your blockchain services. Awareness of blockchain technology as a solution has expanded from the financial sector towards into numerous other areas, like supply chains, manufacturing and healthcare The EU Blockchain Roundtable: "Bringing industries together for Europe to lead in blockchain technologies" took place on 20 November in Brussels in presence of the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel and the Director-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Roberto Viola The European Commission takes an active role in the blockchain standards community, engaging and working closely with all relevant bodies around the world. European Blockchain Partnership The European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) is an initiative to develop an EU strategy on blockchain and build a blockchain infrastructure for public services OSOM Finance Joins Blockchain For Europe by Polly Jean Harrison April 11, 2021 OSOM Fnance, a human-centric fintech firm striving to transform personal finance, created by Polybius, has announced it is joining Blockchain for Europe, the Brussels-based advocacy group representing international blockchain industry participants at EU-level Blockchain Europe ist das Projekt zum Aufbau eines Europäischen Blockchain-Instituts. Das Projekt wird vom Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Innovation, Digitalisierung und Energie des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen mit 7,7 Millionen Euro gefördert

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OSOM.finance, a human-centric fintech firm striving to transform personal finance, created by Polybius, today announced it is joining Blockchain for Europe, the Brussels-based advocacy group representing international blockchain industry participants at EU-level.. This group of industry experts and stakeholders, is the result of a joint effort of leading crypto platforms and projects such as. We are excited to be the newest member of Blockchain for Europe, the European association representing international blockchain industry participants at the EU-level.. We thank Blockchain for Europe for appointing Binance U.K. Director Teana Baker-Taylor to the association's board, alongside representatives from Fetch.ai, Ripple, Block.one, and Blockseed Ventures Blockchain for Europe is the first credible attempt to create a unified voice for the blockchain industry at European level. The policy debate in Europe has been fragmented — with inconsistent.

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  1. Four major blockchain companies, Ripple, EMURGO, Fetch and NEM, have formed the Blockchain for Europe association, which, among other things, will act as a lobbying group for European based blockchain organizations, according to its press release.The Blockchain for Europe association is set to be the first substantial attempt to unify blockchain-based companies in Europe
  2. Europechain is the enterprise blockchain Europe needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business improve trust and compliance obligations
  3. Today, Blockchain for Europe presents its roadmap for the Future of Payments in a #DLT-based European Economy! This paper, drafted by our academic advisory team, looks at what is the most suitable.
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Blockchain for Europe closely collaborates with national, regional and global players - both at policy as well as industry level - to support the promotion of and education about blockchain technology. Source. https://www.blockchain4europe.eu. more iot news The European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) is a very promising initiative in this sense. It stems from a 2018 partnership between 30 European countries to deliver EU-wide cross-border public services such as notarisation of documents, verification of education credentials, self-sovereign identity, and trusted data sharing Blockchain for Europe The four members of the association are Ripple, the NEM Foundation, Emurgo, and Fetch.AI. But what's the point of Blockchain for Europe? The companies want to address the European Union's fragmented policy debate which surrounds and impedes blockchain business and proactivity

With 'Blockchain for Europe', they hope to create a unified voice for the blockchain industry in Europe. The reason behind the launch of the association is that the policy debate in Europe has been fragmented - with inconsistent information from those outside the blockchain sector challenging consensus within it Blockchain technologies have attracted the interest of European public institutions. For example, the European Commission considers blockchain to be 'transformative for the decades to come' and it therefore 'aims at positioning Europe at the forefront of blockchain innovation and uptake' (EC, 2019a) Blockchain for Europe's current focus is on crafting a response to the EU Action Plan on AML public consultation, the Digital Services Act (DSA) on Smart Contracts, and supplementing ongoing discussions over the proposed EU Framework for Markets in Crypto-assets consultation, which was conducted last December 2019 Blockchain Startups in Germany Germany counts with a healthy community of 'hackers' and a general high level of engagement with new technologies. In Berlin, the startup focus is mainly on decentralized and public permissionless projects, while startups in other cities mostly dedicate to B2B applications France has a diverse blockchain startups ecosystem. While an improved regulatory framework for crypto-assets makes financial applications attractive, blockchain startups currently offer solutions in almost all sectors. Check out our selection of startups and reach out to B-hub to explore collaboration possibilities

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The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) published today a discussion paper on blockchain and smart contracts in insurance. The aim of the paper is to provide a high-level overview of risks and benefits of blockchain and smart contracts in insurance from a supervisory perspective as well as to gather feedback from stakeholders OSOM intends to collaborate with co-members beneath Blockchain for Europe's initiatives to proactively interact with policymakers, regulators and different key stakeholders at each European Union (e.g. EU Fee and EU Parliament) and nationwide stage to constructively advance the dialogue round crypto regulation and implementation, thereby facilitating the emergence of a flourishing crypto. The latest Tweets from Blockchain Skills for Europe (@CHAISE_EU). Erasmus+ Project - Sector Skills Alliance - delivering a European Blockchain skills strateg At Blockchain for Europe we are very excited to welcome Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, to join our global team of blockchain industry leaders. Together we will continue to. At the end of 2018, four blockchain heavyweights joined forces to create Blockchain for Europe, an effort to create a unified voice for the blockchain industry at [the] European level. The initial committee of Ripple, NEM, Emurgo/Cardano and Fetch. AI hosted a summit in November 2018 in partnership with the four largest European parliamentary groups to discuss an array of topics.

According to a Bloomberg report today, the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Union's (EU) bank, has hired three investment banks to explore a digital bond issuance that would use blockchain for registration and settlement. The banks are Goldman Sachs, Santander and Société Générale, with investor meetings to start April 15. Both Santander (€20m) and Société Générale (€. OSOM intends to collaborate with co-members under Blockchain for Europe's initiatives to proactively engage with policymakers, regulators and other key stakeholders at both European Union (e.g. EU Commission and EU Parliament) and national level to constructively advance the discussion around crypto regulation and implementation, thereby facilitating the emergence of a flourishing crypto.

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  1. About Blockchain for Europe. Founded in late 2018, Blockchain for Europe is a non-profit organization representing international blockchain industry players at the EU-level. The group proactively contributes to the regulatory debate by supporting European decision-makers to make blockchain technology a success
  2. B-hub's first open call for blockchain startups has closed on September 9. On a total of 99 applications received, 30 startups from all over Europe will participate in our free, expert and customised acceleration program starting this October
  3. As a global leader in the digital asset industry, Binance is committed to working with policy makers to educate and support the development of informed and effective governance models which promote the overall growth of the blockchain ecosystem, said Baker-Taylor. We're delighted to join Blockchain For Europe to collaborate with some of the industry's top [

About the EIC Horizion Prize 'Blockchains for Social Good' The EIC Horizon Prize 'Blockchains for Social Good' awards the next generation of Blockchain innovators in the broad area of social good, where Blockchain technologies can be vital to enable solutions for the emerging environmental, social and economic sustainability challenges The World's Largest Crypto Exchange Assumes A Seat On The Association's Board Alongside Fetch.ai, Ripple, Block.one, and Blockseed Venture OSOM.finance has announced it is joining Blockchain for Europe,advocating for regulatory governance for blockchain in Europe. We use cookies to make sure that we provide the greatest expertise on our web site. In the event you proceed to make use of this website we'll assume that you're pleased with it OSOM Fnance, a human-centric fintech firm striving to transform personal finance, created by Polybius, has announced it is joining Blockchain for Europe, the Brussels-based advocacy group representing international blockchain industry participants at EU-level. This group of industry experts and stakeholders is the result of a joint effort of crypto platforms and projects such as Binance, Fetch.

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  1. blockchain for europe summit Thank you for your interest in our Blockchain for Europe Summit. In order to process your registration, please complete the form below
  2. For the second time, B-hub has selected Europe's top blockchain startups for a customized acceleration program. 15 companies from 6 countries were selected, with sectors ranging from digital identity to banking, mobility, cybersecurity, health and more
  3. Spread the love 59 Interactions, 59 today One Irish MEP wants Europe's stablecoin and cryptocurrency restrictions to be even tighter. Chris MacManus, MEP for Midland Northwest, Ireland, has asked for tougher crypto rules in Europe. According to a report on Wednesday, the MEP from Sinn Féin wants wholesale changes to the European Union's proposed cryptocurrency changes. MacManus [

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Four leading blockchain companies including Ripple, NEM, Fetch.AI, and EMURGO/Cardano have come together to establish the Blockchain for Europe association, which will act as a representative for blockchain organizations in Europe. The association will help in providing a unified voice for the industry at a European level Blockchain technology continues to find novel use-cases. Blockchain Technology Powers China-Europe Trade. According to a report by Big News Network published on April 11, distributed ledger technology (DLT) is being leveraged to boost trade via the China-Europe train routes.. The use of the emerging technology has aided significantly to lowering logistics costs and served as a lifeline to. The European Investment Bank (EIB) has raised 100 million euros ($121 million) from a two-year digital bond in a further sign of interest from the capital markets in adopting blockchain technology Blockchain Europe. 346 likes · 2 talking about this. Science, Technology & Engineerin

Explore Crytpoeconomics and Blockchain and their Impact on our Economic Systems. Explore the Business Innovation of Blockchain Technologies in 6 Weeks Online. Apply Now Blockchain for Europe | 715 followers on LinkedIn. Making disruption an evolution | Blockchain for Europe represents international Blockchain industry players at the EU-level. We proactively contribute to the debate by supporting European decision makers in their goal to make Blockchain a success Blockchain for Europe ensures that blockchain companies can speak with a more unified voice, to interact with policymakers at EU-level and beyond. The core members of Blockchain for Europe are organisations whose business model originates from and is based on DLT (including blockchain) technology. Blockchain for Europe's main objectives are: 1. Creating a coherent voice of the DLT and. With this in mind, we list below 10 of the most promising European startups that are supporting and stretching the use of blockchain through their main services and products. We compiled this list by analysing growth rate, funding rounds closed, global launches, team size, among others

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At Blockchain for Europe we are very excited to welcome Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, to join our global team of blockchain industry leaders. Together we will continue to support European regulators and policy-makers in their efforts to unlock the potential of blockchain technology and to ensure Europe remains at the forefront of the technological innovations that. Blockchain for supply chains and international trade . Blockchain for supply chains and international trade Report on key features, impacts and policy options . This study provides an analysis of blockchain technology in the The European Commission could be encouraged to look to its partners in mutual recognitio For Europe. The association is ambitiously setting out to shape the global agenda on blockchain. Having already hosted the Blockchain for Europe Summit in November, where international stakeholders discussed healthcare, transport, trade, tokens, cryptocurrencies and more, the association is prepping to make 2019 and formative one Blockchain is regarded a disruptive technology and many are willing to embrace it in spite of its shortcomings. It is too soon to tell whether blockchain will live up to its promise. Monitoring its development is a first step for organizations while analysing challenges and making sure it suits their business needs and purpose is a logical step prior to adopting it

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Blockchain For Europe Appoints New Board Member As per the report, Blockchain for Europe has appointed Teana Baker-Taylor, the UK Director at Binance, as its new board member. Now, she would be working along with Fetch.ai, Ripple, Block.one, and Blockseed Ventures Philip Boucher, Policy analyst, European Parliamentary Research Service Pindar Wong, Chair of ScalingBitcoin.org, Decentralising Governance: Dynamic Subsidiarity Catherine Mulligan, Imperial College, UK report on DLT beyond blockchains Martin Koeppelmann, Basic income on the blockchain The report Blockchain Now and Tomorrow brings together research from different units and disciplinary fields of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission's science and knowledge service. It provides multidimensional insights into the state of blockchain technology by identifying ongoing and upcoming transformation EMURGO & Blockchain For Europe. At the end of 2018, EMURGO, the official commercial arm of Cardano, along with other leading blockchain entities established Blockchain for Europe - a blockchain association representing industry stakeholders at the EU level. As blockchain technology continues to grow in mainstream awareness, Blockchain for Europe's main objective is to be a trusted body to EU. Blockchain For Europe focuses on proactivity around current regulatory concerns around cryptocurrency and blockchain by aligning with European leaders in their goal to make blockchain technology a success. They work closely with national, regional and global institutions at policy and industry level in an effort to educate and promote the.

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Blockchain for Europe s'emploie comme d'autres, l'Adan en France, à répondre à tous ces questionnements et à contribuer aux discussions en cours sur la proposition d'un cadre européen pour le marché des cryptos 11. Support could be given to the work of the European Blockchain Partnership, and collaboration encouraged with the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications, in order to work towards a comprehensive ecosystem of international supply chains using blockchain technology. Evidence-based policymaking in the area of blockchain. 12 European Parliament invites you to their event Harnessing the benefits of Blockchain for Ireland and Europe. About 1 hour and 30 minutes. Hosted by. Team member T European Parliament. European Parliament. View all events Share this event. Copy permalink. Blockchain Europe | 174 followers on LinkedIn. First address for Blockchain in NRW, Germany and Europe | With Blockchain Europe, the project to establish the European Blockchain Institute in North. Peteris Zilgalvis is the Head of Unit, Digital Innovation and Blockchain, Digital Single Market Directorate at the European Commission. In this podcast he walks us through the European Commission's approach to blockchain by listing out a number of the key bodies and initiatives that are furthering the development of blockchain across the EU

Långsam digitalisering hindrar många företag i Europa från att automatisera processer på en global skala. Ny programvara som använder blockchain-teknik och maskininlärning gör det möjligt för företag att ta nästa nivå inom digitalisering. Det nya officiella företagsregistret på Malta. Maria Minaricova, Blockchain For Europe's Board chairperson, congratulated Electroneum. We have high expectations for Electroneum as a member given its record as a well-established company led by a highly professional team with a goal of financial inclusion that has caught the attention of many crypto and blockchain experts around the world, Minaricova said Blockchain.com is the most popular place to securely buy, store, and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies At the first Blockchain for Clinical Trials Forum in February 2018 in Orlando, FL the #Blockchain4ClinicalTrials Initiative was launched. This forum brought together 100 passionate global pharmaceutical professionals, technologists, clinical trial service providers, regulators, academia, clinicians, and other stakeholders to exclusively evaluate the viable use cases for blockchain/Distributed.

Blockchain for Europe. Sarveshwar Singh. Read more posts by this author. Read More — EMURGO Articles. The interest demonstrated by the European Commission promises to stimulate the emerging sector of blockchain applications for prosumer-oriented, P2P energy markets. However, introducing yet another altcoin, instead of relying on the proven Bitcoin blockchain or the fast-growing Ethereum blockchain, seems awkward Firstly, regulations, legalizations, tax regimes, and data protection laws vary under different jurisdictions in the European market. In the blockchain set-up, many other complexities need to be tackled to establish more sophisticated solutions for multi-regional and multi-time zone accessibility and governance structure while in compliance. The Blockchain DSI will also open new avenues for European and multidisciplinary cooperation across the Union, leading to a better understanding of the potential use of blockchain technology to enable and enhance cross-border digital public services. 3. TIMETABLE Date of publication of call for proposals Wednesday 12 February 202 Blockchain for Enterprise is taking place at Blockchain Expo Europe in Amsterdam - this track will look at use cases of blockchain in enterprise

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Ripple, the blockchain company that owns XRP, the digital currency, has joined forces with NEM, Fetch.AI, and EMURGO/Cardano to create a new association that represents the interest of blockchain. Blockchain for Europe is a European membership association representing international blockchain industry participants at the EU-level. Furthermore, Teana Baker-Taylor, UK Director at Binance hau001fs also been appointed to the Board of Blockchain for Europe, alongside Fetch.ai, Ripple, Block.one, and Blockseed Ventures Founded by a consortium of major banks in Europe plus IBM Blockchain, the we.trade platform connects buyers, sellers, banks, insurers and logistics organizations. The network simplifies cross-border trading, fosters greater trust and transparency, and opens new markets for all participants Binance is now an official blockchain advocate in Europe alongside Ripple. Blockchain for Europe, a major European association advocating for the balanced regulation of the blockchain industry, has welcomed the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange.. Binance, the biggest exchange by daily trading volume globally, has joined Blockchain for Europe, the association announced on Sept. 3 XCEED is a new blockchain solution for the European automotive industry to certify the compliance of vehicle's components from design to production. Developed and realised by Faurecia, Groupe Renault, Knauf Industries, Simoldes, and Coşkunöz, in association with IBM. The solution at scale is now available to OEMs and automotive suppliers worldwide following a successful test at Renault's.

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Societe Generale-Forge, a tech startup by French investment bank Societe Generale, has selected the Tezos blockchain for its central bank digital currency (CBDC) experiment as part of the French central bank's digital euro experiment.. Societe Generale-Forge recently announced its plans to use Tezos for its digital euro stablecoin, in collaboration with Nomadic Labs, a major Tezos. Although Europe is well-positioned to lead the global race for blockchain, a lack of digital skills could hinder this ambition. The new CHAISE project was tasked by the European Commission to develop a new skills development strategy to address the lack of talent in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) across Europe.. The ESRI joined the CHAISE consortium with Europe's. Blockchain for Pharmaceuticals MasterClass- 22-23 September, 2021 - ONLINE. For detailed program request the agenda Europe PMC is an archive of life sciences journal literature. Blockchain technologies. Blockchain is a distributed technology enabling interactions of systems which, by design, does not rely on third parties to guarantee the integrity of a transaction

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The European Union is offering a virtual half-day workshop entitled: 'Blockchain for Social Impact: Social Business Models and Social Enterprise Finance' under the EaSI Technical Assistance programme for social enterprise finance providers. The workshop will take place online between 13.00 and 17.00 CET _____ In June blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world met in the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam for Blockchain Expo Europe conference on various subjects related to decentralised start-ups, innovative blockchain solutions and investments. Europe's largest Blockchain Conference and Exhibition focused on the future of enterprise technology, with two days o Blockchain Europe. 347 likes · 1 talking about this. Science, Technology & Engineerin

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Blockchain Europe. 338 likes · 1 talking about this. Science, Technology & Engineerin Leading global blockchain companies launch blockchain for Europe association Brussels, 4 December 2018-Four leading global blockchain companies (EMURGO/Cardano), Fetch.AI, NEM and Ripple) have come together to found an association representing blockchain originating organisations in Europe -- Blockchain is being used to boost trade through the China-Europe train routes, which have contributed significantly to lowering logistics costs and served as a lifeline stabilizing global trade amid the pandemic Four major names in the blockchain space have teamed up to establish a new association which represents blockchain originating organisations in Europe. EMURGO/Cardano, Fetch.AI, NEM and Ripple have come together to launch Blockchain for Europe association. They aim to create a unified voice for the blockchain industry at European level

Port of Call: Blockchain's Impact on Supply Chains isStolen Bitcoin? Anti-Theft Feature Gets Second Life onJapan's Central Bank is 'Test-Driving' Distributed Ledgers
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