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Opex stands for operational expenses; the Opex-to-Sales ratio stacks up how much it actually costs to run your business against how much you bring in from sales. Why Does It Matter? This is an incredibly important KPI because it gives you vital insight into how efficient your company is In real estate, the operating expense ratio (OER) is a measurement of the cost to operate a piece of property, compared to the income brought in by the property. It is calculated by dividing a..

What Is the Operating Ratio? The operating ratio shows the efficiency of a company's management by comparing the total operating expense (OPEX) of a company to net sales. The operating ratio shows.. Operating Expense Ratio is the ratio between the cost of operation to the net revenue and is typically used in evaluating real estate properties, where higher Operating Expense ratio means higher operating expense as compared to its property income and serves as a deterrent and lower operating expense ratio implies lower operating costs and therefore, preferable and investment-friendly

Operating expense ratio = OPEX / Net sales #2 - Operating Profit The operating profit is a measure of the financial performance of a company and captures the amount of profit generated from operating the business. It is computed by deducting OPEX, such as salaries, depreciation, and COGS, from net sales or revenue The operating ratio is a measure of efficiency that is used by management to determine day-to-day operational performance. This metric compares operating expenses, also known as OPEX, to net sales. The desired outcome is a lower ratio of operating expenses Calculating the operating expense ratio . The operating expense ratio is, generally, calculated by dividing the operating expense of a property by its gross operating income. Formula . The formula for OER is, Operating Expense Ratio = Operating Expenses / Effective Gross Income. Importance of operating expense ratio

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OpEx purchases cover pay-as-you-go items that show up on an organization's profit and loss statement, and they are deducted from income as they occur. When material goods or services are purchased as an OpEx item, the workflow is this: Costs are assigned to the operating expense budget. The expense is tracked in your profit and loss statemen The CAPEX to Operating Cash Ratio is a financial risk ratio that assesses how much emphasis a company is placing upon investing in capital-intensive projects. Ideally, the projects that a company chooses to pursue show a positive NPV even with worst-case assumptions regarding the discount rate used, the tax rate, or revenue growth rate Ideal Lower Body Strength Ratio. Back Squat: 100 lbs Deadlift: 125 lbs Front Squat: 85 lbs. Ideal Upper Body Strength Ratios. Weighted Pull Up: 100 lbs Close Grip bench press: 90-95 LBS. When analyzing these numbers, focus less on the individual movement or weight and more on the ratio of comparison between the lifts

An operating expense ratio (also referred to as OER) is an extremely common real estate analysis. OER measures where analysts measure the costs to operate a piece of property versus the income it generates. Operating expenses are costs associated with running a business's core operations on a daily basis Your team can combine the operational efficiency ratio with other financial KPIs (key performance indicators, or those financial ratios and metrics used to monitor financial performance and health) such as return on equity, working capital, and return on assets to provide a richer portrait of your company's overall operational efficiency, and to identify areas in need of further optimization

Die Operating Expense Ratio (OER) wird in der Immobilienbranche verwendet und ist eine Messung der Kosten für den Betrieb einer Immobilie im Vergleich zu den Einnahmen, die die Immobilie generiert. Die Berechnung erfolgt durch Division des Betriebsaufwands einer Immobilie (abzüglich Abschreibungen) durch das Bruttobetriebsergebnis So imagine that a company earned $552,000 in revenue last year and has $100,000 in OPEX. The operating income for the year would be $452,000. Operating expense ratio. Another ratio you can derive from operating costs is the operating expense ratio (OER) OpEx refers to the day-to-day operational expenses that support the business. These typically include general and administrative expenses, employee wages, research and development, cost of goods sold (COGS), maintenance, repair costs, leases, etc I n business, the term operating expense ( OPEX) appears in budgeting and spending, but also as an Income statement term in financial accounting. In brief, operating expenses include most expenditures for operating the firm's usual line of business—expenditures that are not capital spending. Operating expenses do not result in capital assets

Operating cost to asset ratio is an important efficiency ratio for the fact that we are able to track the changes in operating cost with respect to changes in asset and also an indicator of the bank's business mix CapEx and OpEx. Capital Expenses (CapEx) and Operating Expenses (OpEx) describe Lean-Agile financial accounting practices in a Value Stream budget. In some cases, CapEx may include capitalized labor associated with the development of intangible assets—such as software, intellectual property, and patents. Enterprises fund a SAFe portfolio to. answer the question on the OpEx/CapEx ratio. They assume this ratio to be between 1,3 and 4. III. CLASSIFICATION OF OPERATIONAL EXPENDITURES FOR A TELECOM OPERATOR In this section we introduce the major contributors to the operational expenditures for a telecom operator. First we discuss the OpEx parts directly related to operate an existin CapEx ratios. OpEx immediately flows through your income statement. CapEx gets booked as an asset and flows through your income statement as depreciation over a period of time. CapEx includes not only hardware and software costs, but also the costs for deployment and development of these assets. Many CIOs focus on raising their CapEx-to-OpEx ratio Opex is also referred to as 'Operating Expenditure', ' Revenue Expenditure ' or 'Operating Expense'. Other examples of operating expenses can be rent, utilities, salaries (wages), SG&A (sales, general and administration cost), research and development, business travel

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Definition: Operating expenses (OPEX) are costs not directly associated with the production of the goods or services but commonly incurred during regular business activities. In other words, these are day-to-day expenses that cannot be classified as costs of producing the company's goods or services or costs of purchasing assets. What Does Operating Expenses Mean Operating Expense Ratio. The operating expense ratio (OER) is the cost to operate a piece of property compared to the income the property brings in. It is a very popular ratio to use in real estate, such as with companies that rent out units. A low OER means less money from income is being spent on operating expenses Analysis & Go-to-market, 2015. Providing a global solutions provider with a country-per-country OPEX and CAPEX breakdown comparison between all major operators in seven large countries - based on combining operator reported figures, regulatory data, market data and operators' communicated plans & targets with tefficient's understanding of what is industry typical given market position. What's you CapEx to OpEx ratio Typically I've always had a 80/20 or 75/25 CapEx/OpEx ratio but with more and more systems going to a razor blade model (EA+SA vs E3/O365, firewall threat subscriptions, Adobe DC, etc..) it seems like we are slowly creeping to 60/40 or even 50/50 Operating ratio. In finance, the Operating ratio is a company's operating expenses as a percentage of revenue. This financial ratio is most commonly used for industries which require a large percentage of revenues to maintain operations, such as railroads. In railroading, an operating ratio of 80 or lower is considered desirable

OPEX response since the financial crisis has been relatively modest. Our average OPEX index (using the ClarkSea fleet mix and information from Moore Stephens) shows just a 1% decrease in OPEX since the financial crisis to $6,451/day in 2016. By comparison, the ClarkSea Index dropped 71%, from $32,660/day in 2008 to $9,441/day in 2016 (a. CAPEX vs. OPEX. Simply put, capital expenditures tend to be major investments in goods, which show up on the balance sheet and are depreciated over the life of the asset, typically 3 years.

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  1. Capex (Capital Expenditure) is the expense that an organization incur on major services and products, such as hardware, assets, etc. Opex (Operational Expenditure) is the expense that is incurred on a day-to-day basis, such as business travel, utilities, etc. The beautifully designed Capex and Opex PPT is the best pick for the senior executives.
  2. Operating Expense Ratio It takes the operating expenditure (OPEX) and divides them by sales in a given period. This indicator is included in the book: Key Performance Indicators - the 75+ measures every manager needs to know, which contains an in-depth description of this KPI, as well as practical advice on data collection, calculations, target setting, and acutal usage
  3. In a business context, operational efficiency is a measurement of resource allocation and can be defined as the ratio between an output gained from the business and an input to run a business operation. When improving operational efficiency, the output to input ratio improves. Inputs would typically be money (cost), people (measured either as headcount or as the number of full-time equivalents.
  4. Benchmarking Opex and Capex in Energy Networks ACCC/AER Working Paper No. 6, May 2012 1 Foreword The working paper Benchmarking Opex and Capex in Energy Networks reviews five alternative benchmarking methods - namely partial performance indicators, index
  5. OpEx vs. CapEx: The Real Cloud Computing Cost Advantage. There is little debate that there are big advantages with cost savings when moving to the cloud. And when it comes to cloud ROI, comparing capital expenses (CapEx) to operational expenses (OpEx) reveals the cloud is a great way to switch IT spending to a pay-as-you-go model and reduce.
  6. Both have their own pros and cons. For instance, OPEX may be better from a tax perspective, but CAPEX allows a business to increase the size of its balance sheet. Thus, it is very crucial for any business to understand the difference between CAPEX vs OPEX. 1,2. Share Knowledge if you liked. Show References
  7. CAPEX VS. OPEX. Importantly for many organisations, operating expenses are better suited for organisations anticipating rapid growth or changes in technology requirements. To use a straightforward example: Once you have purchased a capital good, for example a car, you're stuck with it

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The normal operating expense ratio range is typically between 60% to 80%, and the lower it is, the better. Below 70%, you're doing a really good job of controlling expenses, says Vice President AgDirect Credit Jerry Auel. If you are between 70% and 75%, you're probably doing okay, but if you start getting above 75%, you're. OPEX Ratio = Operating Expenses + Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) / Net Sales. We can help. GoCardless helps you automate payment collection, cutting down on the amount of admin your team needs to deal with when chasing invoices. Find out how GoCardless can help you with ad hoc payments or recurring payments Capex versus Opex comparison chart; Capex Opex; Definition: Capital expenditures are expenditures creating future benefits. A capital expenditure is incurred when a business spends money either to buy fixed assets or to add to the value of an existing asset with a useful life that extends beyond the tax year For the peak rates on plateau, our yearly OPEX would be 1,500 MM$/9 totaling. 50 MM$ or 50% for 3,125 MM$/9 and prorated for the rest of the production years. A minimum of 25% OPEX is suggested.

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If Moody's estimated sustainable occupancy cost ratio for this mall were 13 percent, then it would be necessary to reduce its $42-per-square-foot rental income by $3 in order to lower the. This report estimates the scope for opex and capex efficiency for the water industry over the period 2005-2010, building upon the recent study undertaken by London Economics (LE) for Ofwat, and also referencing recent reports by Europe Economics (EE, again, for Ofwat), Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA, for Ofgem) and other studies. OPEX = Operating expenses. I = Interest. T = Taxes. 1. The formula below calculates the number above the fraction line. This is called the net income. 2. Divide this result by the total revenue to calculate the net profit margin in Excel. 3. On the Home tab, in the Number group, click the percentage symbol to apply a Percentage format. Result

Capex vs. Opex: Most People Miss the Point About Cloud Economics The typical cost discussion regarding internal data center versus cloud provider costs is over-simplified and fails to assign a. According to rooftop installers that Mercom spoke to, a 1 kW system under the CAPEX model will cost anywhere between ₹45,000 (~$612) to ₹85,000 (~$1,156). Similarly, a 5-kW solar rooftop system is expected to cost anywhere between ₹225,000 (~$3,061) to ₹425,000 (~$5,782) for CAPEX consumers. The values are inclusive of taxes and subsidies If you look at the total operation costs (sans ownership), Opex can sometimes be much more expensive than Capex. • With Capex you have the liberty to make changes to your assets based on the requirement, but, at the same time, it also creates a certain amount of rigidity in the terms of investments already made. Capex vs Opex for Start-ups Preparing a benchmark for IT spending or IT employee staffing levels can be a difficult exercise for any business. Our IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks study makes the job easier by providing an IT spending framework with hundreds of ratios, statistics, and other IT cost metrics for strategic IT budget analytics. IT spending as a percent of revenue and dozens of other IT budget ratios are. In scenario one, I isolated the changes on LTV to CAC by adjusting sales and marketing expenase located in the OpEx section of our SaaS P&L. Remember, our business still has great gross margins and retention. The top half of our P&L is performing well. However, our profitability was highly affected by a declining LTV to CAC ratio

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The average business has a capital expenditures to depreciation ratio of about 1. A firm that is growing often has a higher ratio, while a firm that is no longer buying long-term assets usually has a lower ratio. According to Goldman Sachs, the S&P 500 companies have averaged 1.4 in capital expenditures to depreciation ratio between 1989 and 2009 Capex dan Opex - Di artikel kali ini kita akan membahas mengenai Opex sebelum membahas mengenai Opex mungkin seringkali kamu lebih sering mendengar istilah Capex atau Capital Expenditure namun sebenarnya kedua hal ini biasanya saling beriringan. Namun, keduanya memiliki karakter yang berbeda meskipun sama-sama termasuk ke dalam jenis pengeluaran Current and historical p/e ratio for Activision Blizzard (ATVI) from 2006 to 2021. The price to earnings ratio is calculated by taking the latest closing price and dividing it by the most recent earnings per share (EPS) number. The PE ratio is a simple way to assess whether a stock is over or under valued and is the most widely used valuation measure

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  1. CapEx versus OpEx. Capital Expenditures versus Operating Expenditures. There is a finance and accounting aspect to the terms CapEx and Opex, as well as a bus..
  2. g and negative impact of corresponding restrictions on our sales
  3. The Opex model mitigates the investment and performance risk that a Capex model has since the customer only pays for the energy generated with no large asset based investment. This makes the Opex model cheaper upfront. Even with a PPA, the power is significantly cheaper than grid power. As there is zero investment and no associated performance.

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Operating expenses (OPEX) increased by 17.8% and amounted to € 2,271.3 million. The increase was driven by higher sales-related variable costs as well as costs related to IT infrastructure, marketing and our own retail business. The OPEX ratio in percent of total sales decreased from 41.5% in 2018 to 41.3% in 2019. Operating Result and Net. Current and historical p/e ratio for Caterpillar (CAT) from 2006 to 2021. The price to earnings ratio is calculated by taking the latest closing price and dividing it by the most recent earnings per share (EPS) number. The PE ratio is a simple way to assess whether a stock is over or under valued and is the most widely used valuation measure KPI OpEx to Revenues ratio. Description Share of Operating Expenses on Total Revenues: OpEx / Revenues (%) Calculation OpEx Divided by Total Revenues. KPI Color

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Capital Expenditures aka CapEx is the spending of money to buy or fix assets. CapEx is typically related to buildings, property, equipment. Many financial models are built to help determine growth and expansion plans that require spending money on equipment and other assets. Understanding the relationship between CapEx, deprecation, and the financial statement is a Continue reading. Capex/Opex Ratio Derivation for EU Member States Author: European Commission Subject: Analysis of the EU Eco-Industries, their Employment and Export Potential \ Keywords: environment,enveco,eco-industries,employment Created Date: 4/11/2002 5:54:40 P 06.08.2013 -. Focus -The role and perception of operational excellence (OPEX) within the pharmaceutical industry has changed significantly over the last decade. Concepts that are applied in numerous companies have evolved from single, standalone approaches with a rather limited scope towards sophisticated programs aiming to deliver an. Creative Visual Metaphors for OPEX and Operations. Our hand drawn scribble symbols and handcrafted sketchnoting icons are sketch-inspired and are perfect if you prefer a more creative look to your visual metaphors for presenting operational expenditures. Here are operations icons you can use in the presentation: Cycled diagram How to Calculate Carbohydrate Macros. In this example since we are using a 40/30/30 ratio we can calculate daily carbohydrates by figuring out 40% of our TDEE. In this case it would be 40% of 2260. Which would be 904 calories. So 904 calories a day have to come from carbohydrates. Now divide that by 4 and daily carbohydrates is 226 grams a day

(i) Green ratio for financial guarantees of corporates subject to NFRD disclosure obligations (FinGuar KPI) 49 (ii) Green ratio for assets under management (AuM KPI) 50 3.2.4 KPIs for services other than lending - Fees and commissions (F&C KPI) 51 3.2.5 Other disclosures: trading portfolio 52 3.2.6 Timeline for the disclosures 5 This ratio is a key indicator of a company's short-term financial health and shows whether you are able to collect accounts due in a reasonable amount of time. Performance Indicators. The higher your current ratio, the more capable you are of paying your bills in the short-term. Banks often recommend a current ratio higher than 2

This key financial ratio shows whether a company has enough income to cover its debts and is often used to evaluate a company's credit risk and debt capacity. DSCR Formula. Debt service coverage ratio is calculated by dividing net operating income by total debt service (i.e. the sum of its debt obligations, including lease payments) OPEX Nominees will lead you through the journey using only the best innovative data analytics solutions on the market. Starting with a Return on Investment (ROI) 10:1 ratio mindset, this service is highly valuable for business procurement success. Results: Savings identification. Monitor & track your spend. Inform your category strategy

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Capital expenditure or capital expense represents the money spent toward things that can be classified as fixed asset, with a longer term value. As such they will be recorded under non-current assets, on the balance sheet, and they will be amortized over the years. The reduced value on the balance sheet is expensed through the profit and loss OPEX Operating Expenses (operativni troškovi) OPEX su tekući, dnevni troškovi koji se javljaju u kompaniji. OPEX se najčešće koristi kao suprotnost za CAPEX odnosno za osnovno sredstvo: Da li da knjižim kao OPEX ili CAPEX? Osnovna razlika između OPEX i CAPEX je u dužini trajanja

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The days payable outstanding (DPO) is a financial ratio that calculates the average time it takes a company to pay its bills and invoices to other company and vendors by comparing accounts payable, cost of sales, and number of days bills remain unpaid Capex vs Opex. Column Column 10/9/2002. Comment (3) The optical networking industry has recognized that the industry's health depends on lowering service provider operational expenses as well.

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100 KPI's for Mobile Telecom Operators. Telecommunication service industry around the world is facing significant challenges from competition, technological revamps at very short frequencies and never-ending customer demands. In full-grown markets, the preferred path to growth is that of acquisition of competitors or alliance with newer partners How to evaluate your Current Ratio: A Current Ratio of less than one indicates that your company will not be able to fulfil all financial obligations unless there's an additional cash flow. A healthy Current Ratio is between 1.5 and 3, but it's not infrequent for businesses to have periods of Current Ratio under 1, especially if the company is investing in growth or accumulating debt

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opex vs capex Switching to solar power is a commendable move for your business, and a cost-effective one too in the long run. However, there are a lot of underlying technicalities you need to know before making the final move to go green Sensitivity of photovoltaics (PV) levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) in 2050 on input parameters for a utility-scale PV system in Toulouse with 0.164 €/Wp capital expenditure (CAPEX), 4.2 €/kWp/a operational expenditure (OPEX), 7% nominal weighted average cost of capital (WACC), 2% inflation, 30 years lifetime, 0.5% annual degradation, 0.4%-points annual efficiency improvement, 1.3 DC/AC. The OPEX Ratio measures the cost of operating a property relative to the income that it produces. How it's calculated: The OPEX Ratio (OER) equals the operating expense divided by the gross operating income. OER = Total OpEx/ Gross Operating Income. Let's look at a simple example. Property A has an annual gross operating income of $100,000 Gross profit ratio (GP ratio) is a profitability ratio that shows the relationship between gross profit and total net sales revenue. It is a popular tool to evaluate the operational performance of the business . The ratio is computed by dividing the gross profit figure by net sales

One financial ratio viewed in isolation will not tell you a great deal about a business. The key with using financial ratios is to chose the ratios which are most critical to your business, decide on the formula to use, which should be the same as that used by comparable businesses in your industry, and consistently monitor the ratio over time relative to other ratios you have calculated IT Spending as a Percentage of Revenue by Industry, Company Size, and Region This Research Byte analyzes IT spending as a percentage by industry, IT costs as a percentage of revenue by company size, and IT budgets as a percentage of revenue by region. We discuss why it is better to evaluate percentiles rather than average IT spending. Finally, we outline other key metrics for IT budget. Key Retail Benchmarks. Whether you are a retailer, or you work with retailers, The Retail Owners Institute makes it easy for you to get a quick financial health assessment of any retail business.. From all the ratios available, The ROI has selected 6 Key Retail Ratios for retailers to regularly monitor and manage: • Pre-Tax Profi Doing more with less. Linde's DRYREF™ syngas generation plant - powered by BASF's SYNSPIRE™ G1-110 catalyst - marks an important step in the move towards clean energy and climate mitigation.Not only does it give operators a chance to shrink their carbon footprint, it also improves process efficiency What is the Pretax Profit margin ratio? Pretax Profit margin or Profit before Tax margin is a profitability ratio that helps in understanding the company performance for a given period. Unlike Gross Profit margin ratio, that considers only Direct expenses or Cost of Sales, this ratio is arrived after considering all expenses except Taxes. Pretax Profit Margin Meanin

The salary-to-revenue ratio is only meaningful if the company has no costs other than salaries, or its non-salary costs are so insignificant that the company can ignore them. If a software company earns $1,000 in revenue per day by hiring a software engineer and there are no other costs, then the software company can pay $1,000 in salary and break even, so the most effective salary to revenue. Kubernetes Opex Analytics is an open source tool that enables Prometheus Metrics and Grafana Dashboard for Kubernetes Cost Allocation and Capacity Planning. It helps organizatins to reduce costs Reported opex in the quarter was stable year over year, as the inclusion of DNA and currency effects offset underlying decreases in most operations. On a currency adjusted basis and excluding DNA, opex decreased by NOK 0.7 billion, or 8%. Reduced sales and market activities continued this quarter, resulting in lowe VMware server virtualization can reduce hardware requirements by a 15:1 ratio, enabling you to lessen the environmental impact of your organization's IT without sacrificing reliability or service levels. Server and desktop hardware consolidation can also help you achieve a 20 to 30 percent lower cost per application, as well as defer data.

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  1. As CMOs Grab IT Budget From CIOs, Cloud CapEx and OpEx Shift If analysts are correct, and the CMO eventually wrests control of the IT budget from the CIO, then spending on cloud computing will get.
  2. opex - Spana in tradingidéerna, strategierna, åsikterna och analyserna helt utan kostnad! — Indicators and Signal
  3. DOI: 10.1364/opex.12.002120 Abstract We present novel results obtained in the fabrication of high-aspect ratio micro-fluidic microstructures chemically etched from fused silica substrates locally exposed to femtosecond laser radiation
  4. According to a recent 2018-2027 forecast by Bluefield Research, operating expenditures (OPEX) for water and wastewater utilities continue to climb at a steady clip. Over the last 10 years, utilities' OPEX has risen 15 percent, reaching the $79 billion mark in 2017. At this current pace, Bluefield Research forecasts theRead Mor
  5. Keep CapEx budgets and annual budgets separate. Don't confuse CapEx with OpEx. Have the right numbers. Have a transparent approval process. Stay on top of your CapEx projects. Capital expenses tell you how much a company is investing in existing and future assets to maintain and grow the business. They add to the book value and indicate the.
  6. Find out all the key statistics for JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM), including valuation measures, fiscal year financial statistics, trading record, share statistics and more

Contextual translation of opex ratio into Portuguese. Human translations with examples: taxa, rácio, rácio, razão, níveis de, proporção, & proporções, risco. Skip navigation Sign in. Searc Anda mungkin pernah mendengar tentang Capex dan Opex ketika membaca majalah bisnis dan ekonomi. Apa sebenarnya artinya? Capex dan Opex umumnya istilah yang digunakan perusahaan-perusaahan besar saat ia menyusun budgetnya di awal tahun. Perlu diingat, bahwa perusahan besar umumnya tidak mengeluarkan biaya sewaktu-waktu (arbitrarily) sepanjang tahun As a personal trainer you will be responsible for building relationships, delivering results and retaining our membership base. You will have the opportunity to facilitate our 2 unique service offerings which are the following: Team Training 1-24 coach to client ratio. Personal Training. As an organization we like to keep it SIMPLE and have FUN

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  1. OPEX MENA was launched in 2013 and is a high-level and interactive annual forum that provides organisations in the MENA region with access to current thought leadership and advanced methodologies for improving performance through strategies related to operational excellence. In 2021, we will take a close look at safety leadership and management.
  2. cash deposit ratio definition: the amount of money a bank should have available as a percentage of the total amount of money its. Learn more
  3. Les OPEX ou dépenses d'exploitation (de l'anglais operational expenditure) sont les charges courantes pour exploiter un produit, une entreprise, ou un système.Les CAPEX ou dépenses d'investissement (de l'anglais capital expenditure) se réfèrent aux immobilisations, c'est-à-dire aux dépenses qui ont une valeur positive sur le long terme
  4. Chi phí vốn (CAPEX) là gì? Chi phí vốn (CAPEX) là các quỹ được sử dụng bởi một công ty để mua lại, nâng cấp và duy trì các tài sản vật chất như tài sản, tòa nhà công nghiệp hoặc thiết bị.CapEx thường được sử dụng để thực hiện các dự án hoặc đầu tư mới của công ty
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  1. Five financial metrics you can use to measure IT efficienc
  2. Capex vs Opex Top 7 Useful Differences With Infographic
  3. Capex - Wikipedi
  4. Financial Dashboards - See The Best Examples & Template
  5. OPEX X CAPEX: Which is ideal for industry 4
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